Special Places


Around Art's team organizes exclusive events in unique and special places that are linked to heritage and Art providing unique and unforgettable experiences “The unique environments we have access to provide a memorable aesthetic experience”

Palace of Galiana, Toledo

A Moorish-style palace that was built in the 11th Century to honor the Muslim Princess Galiana.

Cigarral of Menores, Toledo

One of the twenty historical “cigarrales” that are named in the Works of Tirso de Molina, Los Cigarrales of Toledo, published in 1621.

Quinta in Sintra, Portugal

Located in the centre of Sintra and surrounded by delightful gardens. The house was built in the year 1780 by the father of the second Duchess of Palmella (1827-1861).

House in Ouarzazate, Morocco

In the palm grove of Skoura, just 40 kilometers away from the city of Ouarzazate.